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Server Monitization

To help pay for server upkeep ($200 per month) and adding new content such as custom mods and new map areas, you can decide to support by either leaving a one-time donation, pay for the @Contributors rank in discord or paying for a priority queue slot. Just tick which box you want on the donation page. You can read more information on each each of these below.

Having priority queue added to your account means you will be able to skip the server queue, and be put on the first spot available before anyone who doesn't have priority queue. We will offer a total of 20 priority queue slots for $10 per slot. This will give you 30-day access to the priority queue to both the Chernarus and Livonia server.

To get priority queue added to your account, use the donation link above, pick priority queue in the dropdown box and donate $10 through your PayPal. From there you need to sign in with your discord account. Once completed the admins will get in touch with you on further information they need to set you up and until when you will have access.

You can also get a special @Contributors rank in discord if you donate $5 or more to the server. All you have to do is follow the donation link, pick Contributors, sign in with your discord account and upon completion it will assign the role to your account automatically. Finally you can also leave a one-time donation. For our registration you will still need to sign in with your discord, but any donation details will only be available to KarmaKrew members and the server admins. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the @Server Admins about this.

Thank you for being awesome and wanting to support the KarmaKrew servers!

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